Membership renewals

No Forms!

There are no electronic or paper forms to fill in when renewing or rejoining. Just make your payment and ensure we know it came from you - preferably by direct bank transfer including your name as a comment. Please allow a few days for processing - and a couple of weeks for payments sent to our PO Box. You can check the progress of your renewal by looking for receipting information on your member profile. We prefer payment by bank transfer and please include your name as a Reference.. 


PLEASE NOTE: The Club has recently changed its Bank provider to “Bank Australia” and has new account details. The new details are:

Bank:                      Bank Australia

Account Name:       ST4WDC

BSB Number:         313 140

Account Number:   1213 0617

Members should use these account details in all transactions with the club, including for membership fees and clothing purchases when using direct deposit.

Members who use Internet Banking and Mobile Banking please update your “PAYEE Listing” for ST4WDC with the new details. 

If you don't renew on time ...

... your membership will expire on 31 December. If you have not renewed before then, your membership will lapse, your access to the members' area of the website will automatically stop.

Annual membership fees are due by 31st December. Please don't forget - get in early. Please give us at least a few days to process your renewal so you don't get cut off! Late renewals will be processed asap and without penalty, but the website access cutoff is automatic, so we'll need a little time to process the renewal before your website access is restored.

Current members who joined before 2017

Your membership renewal fee is $100 (the standard annual membership fee).

First Renewal for an Owner Member

For new Owner Members who joined in 2017, your first annual renewal fee is due by 31st December. The amount depends on the month you joined:

Joining month

First renewal fee due before 31 December 2017


























Lapsed Members

We welcome lapsed members returning to the club!

There is no penalty for having let your membership lapse. Lapsed members can re-join just by paying the annual fee. You also get a pro-rata reduction in fees for the following year if paid at the same time as renewing. Your recommended payment is bolded in the table below.

Payment month

Fee to 31 December 2017

Fee to 31 Decmber 2018

January 2017



February 2017



March 2017



April 2017



May 2017



June 2017



July 2017



August 2017



September 2017



October 2017



November 2017



December 2017




For more information, contact the membership secretary:

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