ST4WDC Publications Policy


ST4WDC Facebook page (


Posts to the club Facebook page should be in line with the following guidelines:


·       Keep in mind that we have two audiences – both members and non-members.

·       The Facebook page is a public relations tool and should be used to create and foster a good image for the club and to attract new members.

·       Original content should use good grammar, spelling and punctuation.

·       We should aim to create content that is interesting, active, relevant, and moderately conservative.

·       Sharing (re-posting) of non-original material should be limited to material which is relevant to our members and is broadly consistent with our club aims and values.

·       Content should be apolitical in nature and should not show bias or preference to political viewpoints that have no direct impact on the operation or functioning of our club or its members or their activities (intention is to prevent comments/posts/rants on things like the travel rorts etc, and limit comment on things like NPWS closures to factual statements only)

·       Posts and comments should not be derogatory or negative about organisations or services.

·       Any non-original material posted should not infringe on copyright and should acknowledge the original source.

·       The Facebook administrators have the right to remove any posts or comments that they consider do not meet these guidelines.


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